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Detailed offer Description
Bosch continues to deliver innovative vehicle solutions with our ESP chassis control system, guiding
vehicles when drivers need help the most. This philosophy now extends to the workshop, with our
new KTS 200 delivering a simple guided ECU diagnosis.
The KTS 200 is an inexpensive hand held tester featuring:
Game console styling for easy use
A guided menu for defining the vehicle linked to accurate ECU communication
Comprehensive diagnostic functions
Vehicle specific connector program
The most important Diagnostic tool in the workshop is information.
Only Bosch provides a Total Support Package consisting of:
A comprehensive Diagnostic Training program and professional Technical Support Hotline
Software updated quarterly by DVD or via Internet download
Local software development program providing ever expanding vehicle coverage.
Display: 3,5 color TFT, illuminated, ¼ QVGA with 320x240 Pixel èand integrated unreflective protection screen
Key Operation: 2 x 5 Clover leaf navigation keys & 2 Function keys
Memory: MMC 2GB memory card
Dimensions: 220 x 140 x 40 mm
Housing: Plastic/rubber
Weight: 600 grams
Power supply / consumption: 8 -34Volt DC / approx. 7 watts
External power supply: 100 240 V AC
Operating temperature: 5° - 40°C
Connectors: Diagnostic/Power Supply/USB
Software Operating System: Embedded Linux
Diagnostic Software: ESI[tronic] with KTS Diagnostics
Flexible Licensing with 3 options:
¨-License for 4 updates per year (DVD)
-License for 11 updates per year (online)
-One-time activation of a version (unlimited use)
From late 2007 onwards
Supports the following diagnosis protocols:
flash code
ISO 9141-2 K/L-Lines
SAE-J1850 VPW (GM,...)
SAE-J1850 PWM (Ford)
CAN ISO 11898
CAN ISO 15765-4 (OBD)
CAN Single Wire
CAN Low speed
CAN Mid speed
CAN High speed


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